The Internet and the Third Estate

Weekend Mode

Facebook's Identity Crisis

Running Towards Problems

Startups as Learning Communities

Startup Studios

Stripe's Accessible Color System

On Roadblocks and Routines

Food as Software

On Company Building

On 'The China Cultural Clash'

The Noise

On Sleep

Some Notes on the State of Online Discourse

Don't Raise More Than You Need

Some Notes on Three Big Things

Our Systems and Our Destiny

We Are All Going to Die

Antifragile Marketplaces

Experimenting with Comments

The Story of Us

The Public Market Reckoning

Day Off

Notes for an Essay on Software and Society

Getting Closer to Software, Again

Some Thoughts on Social Finance

Zone To Win

Greta Thunberg

The Cycles We're Stuck Inside

Some Notes on the Bill Gates Documentary

Some Notes on The Passive Investing Bubble

Question Quality

History of the Credit Card

Adding an Email Newsletter

Some Thoughts on Risk

Paper Secrets and Open Enterprises

Our Grouped Future

The Rule of 40

Losing Focus


Our Incomplete Financial Products

Some Notes on Culture and Decision Making

Some Notes on Fintech

Travel Decentralized

Doing Things in Order

Futureland Support Packs

Some Productivity Learnings

Some Thoughts on Marketplace Identity

Why Flywheels

A New Writing Project

On Immigration

One Year Anniversary

Income Sharing Agreements (ISA's)

The Purpose of a Corporation

The WeWork IPO

Marketplaces, Decentralization and Losing Trust (Part 2)

Marketplaces, Decentralization and Losing Trust (Part 1)

On Diversifying Well

What Writing Regularly Has Taught Me

Trends in Seed Investing

Risk in Startups

Helping Ideapreneurs Become Entrepreneurs

Value Propositions

The Machines will Run the Financial World

Minimum Viable Products


The Mirage of Cloud Gaming

Noticing Anxiety

Your Organization Needs a Learning Ecosystem


Capital and Talent

Paradigm Shifts

Empowering Marketplace Suppliers

Building Learning Infrastructures at Startups

On Context Switching and Calendars

On Travel


No Coders

Shape Up

Maintaining Equilibrium during Marketplace Development

Crypto Business Models and Libra

Software is Modelling the World

On Kawhi


Kawhi Watch

Boring Technology

On Learning Styles

Free Agency


Printing Your Brain on Paper

When They See Us


On Systems, Hallucination & Vision, and Making vs. Selling Art

On Risk

Slack's IPO

Some Early Thoughts on Libra


The Fifth Discipline

The Score Takes Care of Itself


Game 6

Five Lessons from History


The Not-To-Do List

Learning Infrastructures at a Startup

The Long Game

On Urgency

Reflections on Game 3

The Best Product: A Great Team

Where Good Ideas Come From

Game 1

Some Disparate Thoughts on Product Management

Strangely Breaking Habits

Learning Systems in a Company

Diversity and Building Software

Why Not Us?

The Potential of Interactive Entertainment

The Ivy Lee Method

Collision Day 1 Retrospective

Predicting Investor Behaviour

Game of Thrones

How We Got Here


The Complete Guide to Deep Work

Finance for Immigrant Families

A Global Talent Pool

Toronto's Moment

Negative Second Order Effects

Where User Research Lives

Buffet on Amazon

Communities and Investment

Projects, Products and Programs

Goodbye to the MBTI

Hidden Brain: Personality Tests

Context Switching


USV: The Long Game / Free Learning



Career Threads

The Problem with Personality Assessments

Assessing Product Managers (by SVPG)

Email and the Lindy Effect

Dimensions of Personal Growth

Testing the Lattice: Trillion Dollar Coach

The Versatility of the 'Company System' Framework

Context Collapse

Small Acts



Design Principles for Data Control

Swimming Upstream (revisited)

Swimming Upstream

Thought Experiments

Buying Time

Management Styles and The Leadership Lattice

One Person Startups

Engaging Closer to Content

Startups as Systems of Impact

A Framework for Structuring Community Products

Defining the Problem

Back at It

Vacation Writing

Building Tap

Product Discovery and Risk Reduction

Personal User Manuals

Software and empathy in the workplace (continued)

Goals and Time Horizons

Analytics Pre-Product/Market Fit

Types of Product Discovery

VC Economics

A Conversation about Software and Empathy at Work


A Few Thoughts About Focus

Setting up Learning Loops

Early Days

Chris Cox Leaves Facebook

Problem Space vs. Solution Space

Wattpad in India

Product Discovery

An MVP Gratitude Journal

Empathy and Software

Understanding Each Other Through Software

Microsoft Developer Revenue Share

Chamath Interview on Recode

Buffet FAQ

The Broken Credit Loop (by Anish Acharya)

Additive Networking

Taking a Break, Maybe

Status as a Service

Machine Unlearning

Some Thoughts on Creative Education

Berkshire Hathaway 2018 Letter

Some Thoughts on Award Shows

Some Thoughts on Identity / Control

Humanity and AI: Better Together

Media and Multidisciplinarity

A User Centric Calendar

Networks and Higher Order Problems

Some Thoughts on Generative AI


A Tale of Two Cities

Some Notes on Blockstack

Technology Costs and Seed Investing

Changing Habits

Amazon and Eero

The Gumroad Story

Leadership as Attention Management

ML and Decomposibility

One Step at a Time

World's Money and Markets


The Simple Power of Streaks

The Myth of Freedom

React as a UI Runtime

Is Alexa Working?

The Slack Product, Network and Ecosystem

Bell Let's Talk Day

Getting Closer to Software

Awesome Lists

How to Be Successful (with some notes)

Prototypes and Databases

The Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Wattpad Books

The Calendar as a Network and Platform

A Warning from Davos

Corporate Debt Risks

Weekly Planning

Some Thoughts on Growth

Overcoming Writer's Block

Holloway Guides

Jack Bogle

Deep Work and Connected Work

An Incomplete Network

Canada's Immigration Plan 2019-2021

What's Happening in India

Some Thoughts on Venture Capital

Awareness and Action

Code and Community

2019: Do Things and Tell More People

A Better Trust Model for Home Services

Setting Up for Next Time

Turning a CV into a Resume

Software and Plastic

The Not-So-Smart-Home

Best of Farnam Street in 2018

Leadership and Systems Thinking

Digital Cleanup

2018, In One Image

Changing My Investment Stack (Part 2 of 2)

InterUI Font Family

Changing My Investment Stack (1 of 2)

The Why and the How

Market Moves, Explained by Ray Dalio

Family Time / Looking Ahead

2018 Media Consumption

2018 Retrospective

Atomic Habits: Review & Notes

Emergence by Max Cooper

Testing the Lattice: The Talent Code and Culture Code

Evolve or Die (Forbes Article Highlights)


Ending a Paternity Leave: Some Early Reflections

The Power of Cues

Are Banks the new 'Dumb Pipes'?

Yield Curve Rates from 1992-2018

Some Thoughts on Inversion and Evergreen Strategy

Company Stage and the Leadership Lattice


Testing the Lattice: Zero to One

Growth Mindset (from Raw Nerve by Aaron Swartz)

Entering Bear Markets

Do Things and Tell People

Extending the Lattice: Peer and Governance Domains

Tesla Giant Battery

Testing the Lattice: Lean Startup

US Yield Curve Flipped

Testing the Lattice: Effective Executive


Taking a Music Break

Testing the Lattice: Start with Why

Testing the Lattice: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

The Future of Service Marketplaces

Mars Insight Landing

Testing the Lattice: Radical Candor

The Fragmented Home

The Resilience of Costco

The Real Work

Book: Psychology of Intelligence Analysis

Automation + Work, Human + Machine


Testing the Lattice: Good to Great

Ending Theme Days

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product Market Fit

Travelling With Twins

Delay, Deny and Deflect

Dear Jeff

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Innovation Theater

Limiting Social Media

Skills Outlook 2022

The Secret

Testing the Lattice: The Hard Thing about Hard Things

75 Days of Blogging

The Internet History Just Begun

Andrew Chen: Investor Metrics Deck

Testing the Leadership Lattice: High Output Management

React Native Roadmap

News: Immigration Targets Increased in Canada

Social Capital Annual Letter

How to Fight a Hydra

Testing The Lattice: The Fifth Discipline

We're Not Being Alarmist Enough about Climate Change

Order of Operations

Developing a Writing Voice

Why I Write

Testing the Leadership Lattice

Peak Times

Pre-Review: Atomic Habits

Global Migration Data Portal

The Leadership Lattice, Simplified

How Remote Work Creates Team Learning

User Research Techniques

People Platforms

Better Digital Habits

Unbundling G Suite

Keep Your Product Proportional to your Team

Startups as Systems of Impact

The Future of Work


Leadership Lattice: Domain of Self Management

Lectures on Time: Randy Pausch and Jeremie Saunders

Book Review: It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work

The Plugged-In Turnpike

Farnam Street and The Knowledge Project


Smart Locks and the Home Permissions Layer

The Big Hack

Leadership Lattice: Impact Domain

Mobile 3.0


Decision Making Frameworks

Learning Loops

The Calendar as a Network and Platform

Working Copy

Web 3: Consensus

Leadership Lattice: Application Domain

Failing at New Habits


3 Months

The Slack Product, Network and Ecosystem

Navigating Financial Crises (Video)

Web 3: Designing Networks with Tokens

World Population Cartogram

Leadership Latticework: The Organization Domain

Productivity Tuesday: Time Tracking Update

Sunk Costs and the Taste Gap

Decentralization, Revisited

Writing Habit Update

Web 3: Decentralization

The Rush and The Cloud

Leadership Latticework: The Individual Domain

Productivity Tuesday: Planning and Retrospectives

Mental Model: Compound Interest

Changing Minds

New Crafts & Interdisciplinarity

Web 3.0

Financial Literacy

Building The Leadership Lattice

Managing Habits

Mental Models

Baseline with Self Curiosity

Theme Days

Growing Up Everywhere

Time Tracking

Developing a Leadership Latticework

Blogging on Github Pages

Starting a Writing Habit


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I use this space to write everyday - to clarify my thoughts, learn through writing, and sometimes just journal and post things I find interesting.